#57 – Talking Trash with Gerald Goad and Beth Oravec, Carroll County Litter Task Force

The Ridge Podcast
The Ridge Podcast
#57 – Talking Trash with Gerald Goad and Beth Oravec, Carroll County Litter Task Force

In this episode, Ethan and Luke sit down with Clerk Gerald Goad and Ms. Beth Oravec to discuss the Carroll County Litter Task Force, a committee dedicated to spreading awareness about the current litter problem faced by the county. During the discussion, both guests gave their background and perspective on the current problem. They offer solutions, identify areas of improvement, and describe plans that are currently in motion.

The week of April 16th to April 22nd, they are planning a county-wide trash pickup competition with cash prizes of up to $200. The winners will be announced on April 27th during the Earth Day celebration at the Hillsville Farmer’s Market.

This is a wonderful cause. Ethan and Luke both encourage people to get out, pickup trash, get in contact (links below) and spread the word.

Thank you again Clerk Goad and Ms. Oravec for being on the podcast.

Ways to contact the Carroll County Litter Task Force:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keepcarrollclean

Website: https://www.lovecarroll.com/keepcarrollclean

Email: keepcarrollclean@gmail.com

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