#71 – Luke Watson: Carroll County, History, Government, Running, Reading, Education, Hard Work, Love

The Ridge Podcast
The Ridge Podcast
#71 – Luke Watson: Carroll County, History, Government, Running, Reading, Education, Hard Work, Love

In this episode, Ethan interviews Mr. Luke Watson, his close friend and co-host of The Ridge Podcast. They discuss Luke’s early upbringing, love for Carroll County and its schools, and then discuss his future plans. They discuss the impact COVID had on his education, how running has changed his life, and his love for books, English, and History. Later in the episode, Luke discusses the importance of family and love in his life. They end the episode reflecting on the podcast, the duo’s friendship, and Luke’s message to future generations. This episode was incredibly special for both hosts.

As Luke leaves for college, the hosts have decided that now is a good time to end the podcast. They are very thankful for the opportunity to interview countless wonderful people and for the amazing support from the community. They would like to extend a special thanks to Dr. Ronnie G. Collins for his support from day one. He has always helped promote us, connected us to guests, and gave us advice. Ethan would also like to thank his parents for lending their office space, giving him advice, and paying for the associated electricity and internet that his servers utilize. The Ridge Podcast has been an amazing experience for Ethan and Luke.

Thank you again Mr. Watson for being on the podcast.

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